Physical therapists and Occupational therapists

Being a Independent provider with the MediTouch systems allows you to combine your passion for helping others achieve their goals while expanding your scope of practice.

Join a growing community of Independent clinicians who are already enjoying a meaningful and lucrative career with the MediTouch systems.

Technology and TeleRehabilitation

Studies have proven the efficacy of movement biofeedback and TeleRehabilitation. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of treating your patients remotely with the state of the art MediTouch systems through TeleRehabilitation. TeleRehabilitation sessions enable the therapist to grade the intensity of treatment activities through remote access to their patient’s computer.

Patient Driven Results

Patients are highly motivated by the visual biofeedback they receive. The challenging yet fun customized rehabilitation activities encourage full participation yielding noticeable improvements in range of motion, motor control and functional movements.


MediTouch provides all biofeedback devices, training, software, clinical technical support. Build a long term client-base and pay just a small monthly service charge per client.

Time Efficiency

For practice owners and independent providers looking to maximize earning potential, using MediTouch systems enables you to provide treatment in a time efficient manner. No traveling between treatment sessions saves time allowing the therapist to treat more patients. More treatment sessions translates into more income.

Full guidance of the billing procedure

Thanks to newly implemented legislation, TeleMedicine and TeleRehabilitation is now billable in 26 states across the U.S. This allows therapists to bill Teletherapy sessions using designated TeleRehabilitation CPT codes.

MediTouch provides full guidance of all aspects of the billing procedure.

What our customers are saying

“The MediTouch products allow patients to use the range that they have or the amount of movment they have to control video games and it really is hugely benefitial because it is very motivating, very interesting and can really help in rehabilitation”
Maureen Adams MS OTR, Kennedy Krieger Institute
“I’ve tried so many things and I thought it was “another equipment”…”
AleX Dickson
“I think MediTouch is one of the best things I have ever done with Mark because it actually got him moving because he realizes that things are getting better.”
Mark Manis
“The games, the challenges’ the movment biofeedback. It is a great tool that can help the therapist achieve much more. The glove works on different deficits simultaneously.”
Dr. Jan Jack Vatin, Deputy Director at Reuth Medical Center